Delic!ous Survey Prize Draw

Delic!ous Survey Prize Draw Terms and Conditions

The closing date for the survey stated above is Friday 20th September 2019. You will not be able to provide feedback via the survey links after this date.

If you would like to provide feedback after any prize draw or competition closing date, please email Providing feedback this way, will not enable you to enter any prize draws or competitions.

All responses are confidential, so please be open and honest in your answers – none of the answers will ever be used to identify you. The information you provide will be used to help Leicester Services Partnership understand more about the food, drink and services we provide when you visit our outlets.

The following paragraphs are to set out the data protection rules we abide by:

Data protection: Information which identifies you (personal data) collected will only be seen by Leicester Services Partnership Marketing and Communications Executive Team. Please be assured that your answers are confidential.

You will not be personally identifiable in any reports or other outputs produced as a result of this research, unless we have otherwise requested. Nothing will be attributed back to you personally and your personal data will never be shared without your prior consent.

You can withdraw your data from the research by contacting by the closing date of these surveys.

The Prize:

For taking part in the Delic!ous Survey, the winner will receive five hundred (500) UPAY loyalty points only that will automatically uploaded to their UPAY account and will receive confirmation of this happening.

If the winner does not have a UPAY account, the individual bears all responsibility for setting an account up to be able to receive and spend the 500 UPAY loyalty points only. You can register for a UPAY account here.

The winner will receive communication via email that they will need to set up a UPAY account. 

The winners will be chosen within a few weeks after the closing date and the winner will be contacted via email.

The winner will have one (1) week after being contacted by email to either set up a UPAY account or confirm receipt of receiving 500 loyalty points to their UPAY account.

The winner may need to check their SPAM/JUNK inbox. Leicester Services Partnership will not be responsible for missed emails.

As a result of the contacted winner(s) not confirming receipt of the winning email, Leicester Services Partnership reserves the right to deem the winner(s) null and void and the prize(s) may be offered to another prize draw participant.