Finders Keepers Birthday Card Trail Competition

Finders Keepers Birthday Card Trail Competition:

Thanks for taking part in the competition stated above!

The closing date of the competition named is Friday 31st May 2019.

If you would like to provide feedback after any prize draw or competition closing date, please email Providing feedback this way, will not enable you to enter any prize draws or competitions.

The Prizes:

For taking part in the competition named above, each winner will need to follow the instructions in the birthday card to receive the prize stated. 

Where a voucher is issued as a prize, the winner can only redeem exactly what is stated.

The voucher cannot be exchanged for an alternative.

Each voucher is only valid for one transaction to the values stated, each voucher holds no cash value until it is spent in a Here for U outlet and no change will be given at time of transaction.

The voucher must be handed over to the Here for U till operator at time of transaction and redeemed before expiration on Friday 7th June 2019.

Where a prize is to be collected, collection must take place within one (1) week of notice from Here For U.

Here For U holds no responsibility if a winner hasn’t confirmed collection of prize.

As a result of the contacted winner(s) not collecting their prize, Here For U reserves the right to deem the winner(s) null and void and the prize(s) may be offered to another participant.

No staff member of Here for U (Leicester Services Partnership) is allowed to partake in the competition.

The following paragraphs are to set out the data protection rules we abide by:

Data protection: Information which identifies you (personal data) collected will only be seen by Here for U Marketing and Communications Executive team. Please be assured that your answers are confidential.

You will not be personally identifiable in any reports or other outputs produced as a result of this competition, unless we have otherwise requested.  Nothing will be attributed back to you personally and your personal data will never be shared without your prior consent.

You can withdraw your data from the competition by contacting by the competition closing date stated above.