Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

The gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly wage of all men and women across a workforce. If women do more of the less well paid jobs within an organisation than men, the gender pay gap is usually bigger.

In accordance with The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, LSP has published its gender pay gap.  The figures are based on 5th April 2018 payroll figures.

These figures do not reflect our pay rates for men and women completing the same role. We are an equal opportunities employer and have a pay scale that relates to the role not to the candidate’s gender.

The Hard Facts

As at the 5th April 2018 we had 339 Full Pay Relevant Employees in scope, from this 72% of the workforce was female.

Our Gender distribution according to the pay quartiles is:

For LSP our Mean Gender Pay Gap is 8.3%,

Our Medium Gender Pay Gap is 0%.

During the year one bonus was paid to a male employee. Therefore the proportion of men receiving bonuses was 1% and making our mean and medium Bonus gap 100%.

The Story

Due to the nature of our business, a large proportion of our employees are female, this is an industry trend and is not unique to LSP. The hours of our core business tends to attract women who are looking for flexible, part-time roles that fit around childcare needs and school hours. Although society is changing to a dual parenting approach, that doesn’t rely on the mother being at home full time, this trend will take a significant time to show impact on any gender pay gap reporting.

Comparing our Gender Pay Gap to 26 other comparable catering suppliers they have an average of 62% of female employers and distributed as follows;

The 26 companies have a Mean Gender Pay Gap of 13%.

Their Medium Gender Pay Gap is 11%.

Therefore despite LSP employing a higher than average percentage of women in the lower quartile, the gender pay gap is lower at LSP than the comparative companies.

In the comparable companies, 20% of men received bonuses and 18% of women received bonuses. The Mean Gender Bonus Gap is 23% and the Median Gender Bonus Gap is 4%.

As LSP only awarded one bonus during this time period, we are not comparable to the other companies.

Fixing the Pay Gap

We are above a comparative benchmark, but this doesn’t mean that we will not work on closing the gap further.

We will continue to:

Pay the same wage for the same role regardless of gender

Complete a fair recruitment and selection process for all posts regardless of gender

Provide training and promotion opportunities to all staff regardless of gender.



The information provided is accurate and was calculated using the methods as set out in the gender pay gap reporting legislation.

Gavin Brown
Chief Executive Officer