Making a statement

Astrovan takes one of the popular items on campus, and revamps it into a quick and easy lunch, which doesn’t hold back on flavour.

With a variety of ways you can customise your toppings, right down to some classic combinations, you are never stuck for choice each day of the week.

Our fully kitted out airstream van, takes loaded fries and nachos to another level, some say out of this world! Our futuristic looking outlet will be on the back of your mind every lunchtime.

Taking its popularity from Gee’s, which has queues commonly forming around its corner for the popular bites to eat, Astrovan should create a speedy service with cashless payments and pre-order functionality.

A sneak peek


Loaded Fries / Nachos
Meat Chilli (GF)
Veg Chilli (V VE GF)
Jerk Chicken (GF)
Fajita Chicken (GF)
Nacho Cheese Sauce (V)
Refried Beans (V GF)
Roasted Peppers (V VE GF)
Crispy Onions (V GF)
Tropical Salsa (V VE GF)
Guacamole (V VE GF)

Proud to be unique

‘Astrovan’ is the name of the vehicle that was used to shuttle Astronauts from Mission Control to the space rocket, and with this comes out of this world food with our popular loaded fries and nacho dishes.

With the University investing in the transformational project of the Space Park to develop new state-of-the-art facilities for innovation, research and development, education and training, our outlet and our style of food will pay homage to the great collaboration and work the university is working towards.

There was tremendous collaborative effort to ‘shuttle’ the Astrovan into position and is a real statement piece for any eyes to look upon and speak of with its gleaming, shiny, mirror-like exterior, it will be a prime spot not only to take a selfie but also a place to insta great food. @your_lsp

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