LSP Charity Contribution Continues

2nd Mar 2021 | By Leicester Services Partnership

University of Leicester catering and retail provider gives back to the community.

Photo: Stacks of food items LSP have donated.
Location: De Montfort Hall used as a collection centre.

We have all been affected personally by this pandemic in various ways, though we still recognise the greater need to help others in desperate situations where we can.

Even through these unprecedented times, our staff community have pulled together to help citizens within the local community of Leicester. From last year to date, we have donated over £51,500 worth of food donations to homeless charities and food banks across Leicester so far.

With the majority of our outlets on University campus closed, as part of our signed commitment within our LSP Sustainable Food Policy to reduce food waste, we took the decision to donate our food stock to charities, including Action Homeless to distribute to those in need, instead of food ending up in UK landfill.

Additionally, this year, LSP staff have rallied together once again to donate a large amount of 1kg bags of rice and UHT milk, which have been desperately needed by the Action Homeless charity.

LSP colleagues Jo Holland and Retail Manager Kim Lewis, have been liaising with staff for the donated items to be collected, sticking to social distancing rules, and providing safe drop off points.

Jo Holland, LSP Section Manager – Outlets, said: “It’s been rewarding to work alongside colleagues. The response after sending the message out to LSP staff was amazing. So far to date, we have received over 200 donations of each item requested. If any of our staff would still like to donate, Action Homeless are asking for donations such as rice pudding, toiletries including toilet rolls, tinned fruit, tinned soup as this can go a long way. You can contact me directly to arrange collection.”

Jo has been working closely with Tim, the representative from Action Homeless Leicester, she added: “Tim has been lovely to liaise with and grateful for each donation, especially in the current climate, being able to help families and others who desperately need the help. If anyone would like to donate, please email or drop off at the Library Café, social distancing measures applies.”

We would also like to recognise the contribution specifically of one of our staff members, Manisha Chauhan, who kindly cooked and donated large quantities of homemade vegetable curry and basmati rice in January of this year.

The veg curry, which was individually packed by Manisha and made up of chickpeas, diced potatoes, onions, tomatoes, herbs, and spices, was vegan and gluten free to have the ability to be distributed to a larger community in need of a hot meal.

Manisha, LSP Catering Assistant, said: “I learned to give not because I have too much but because I come from a village where there are many people who have nothing but never lose hope. I feel blessed to be in a position where I can do something that will bring a smile to someone’s face.”

We value our LSP community and giving staff the independence to provide contributions such as this makes a big impact for the local community of Leicester and we appreciate every donation made.

LSP Operations Director, Rob Bean, said: “I am immensely proud of all our staff involved with this initiative.”

He added: “From the very beginning of the Pandemic and subsequent Lockdown, it was obvious that we were going to have a lot of produce that would reach its sell-by-date before we were able to trade again, so a relationship with Action Homeless in Leicester was built and a large amount of stock was donated, and we have continued to regularly donate.”

As part of an ongoing initiative with the University of Leicester, started last year in the peak of the pandemic, we are still providing isolation food packs for any student within University accommodation that needs to self-isolate.